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Spread the Word as a Red Cross Giving Day Social Ambassador

Welcome to our Giving Day Social Ambassador page! We’re glad you’re here. Sign up to be an Ambassador to help spread the word about families who need Red Cross services after a home fire or other emergency. As an Ambassador, you’ll receive a weekly update with stories and videos you can share with your friends and family. Help us to inspire others to get involved with Giving Day. If we each #help1family, think of what we could do.

Get started now! Use the suggested social media posts and images below. Or get creative and customize them to make them your own. As an Ambassador you make a difference by actively sharing stories of families helped and asking friends and family to join you in spreading the word. 


#RedCross will receive $1 (up to $25K) for every use of #help1family thru 4/27, thx to @CraigNewmark. Please RT!

Thanks to you, Red Cross Giving Day is a success! Your efforts to #help1family are appreciated.

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Thanks to you, we can #help1family impacted by disasters big & small. Appreciate your joining Red Cross Giving Day!

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